15 October 2009

Progress Report - 15 October 2009

We haven’t had any monthly progress reports in a while, so I have prepared a brief progress report to update everyone on the project status. As we move towards the last phase of the project, everybody has been working hard on the project outputs the team has defined for the NicNames project. The status of these outputs is listed below.

1. Project Plan
This has been finalized to reflect any changes to the project outcomes.

2. Review of global developments classified by possible use
A review has been carried out and an updated literature review report is being completed.

3. Stakeholder requirements analysis
Requirements of key stakeholders have been identified and documented.

4. Institutional analysis
Current methods of name authority at key institutions have been identified and documented.

5. Analysis of relevant schema and standards
Current and developing standards, schema and mapping relating to names have been analyzed. A report on preferred schema, standards and mappings for the project is being completed.

6. System specification
Requirements for the prototype application and tools have been documented. These identify the functional requirements for the NicNames project, formally set out system use cases and define the agreed scope of work to meet the requirements.

7. Guidelines toolkit
A usability study has been completed, and the outcomes are being used to generate a set of procedures for dealing with personal names in institutional repositories. Documentation for the prototype application is being developed.

8. One or more open source applications/tools
Development of a prototype NicNames application and supporting tools has progressed well and a large part of the web interface has been completed.

9. Implementation plan
Site visits for the implementation of the prototype application at partner institutions has been scheduled for the week of 19/10/2009. A draft implementation plan has been prepared for the site visits.

10. Project evaluation report with recommendations for further action
11. Release Plan
The evaluation report and release plan will be formally prepared as we move further along in the final phase of the project.

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