29 May 2009

‘Monthly’ Progress Report for May 2009

I see we haven’t posted an entry here since early March and no progress report since January(!). The excuse is that we have actually been getting on with it.

Because of the earlier delays, the NicNames project has now been extended until the end of October. This will give us time to complete the tasks we have set for ourselves and, hopefully, produce a set of applications and documentation which will not only describe the problem, but provide Institutional Repository managers with a way to deal with it.

We have a Business Requirements Specification and will soon have systems and application specifications. By the end of June we should have a working application and by about the end of August a completed usability study and a guidelines toolkit.

These products will then be implemented and tested in the partner institutions, Swinburne University of Technology, University of Newcastle and University of New South Wales, during September and October and once we are happy with the way it works, it will all be released to the wider IR community.

Stay tuned.